ZURICH, Switzerland: Qatar are ranked 83 on the FIFA computer, details revealed.

Previously ranked 80, Qatar have dropped three spots since the last rankings were released at the start of March.

Coached by Daniel Carreno, Qatar lost a bit of ground following their loss against China in a 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifying match at the end of March.

In Asia, Iran are second in the table with a FIFA ranking of 42. Australia at 14 are are the top Asian side.

South Korea (56) are the third best Asian side followed by Japan (57).

Uzbekistan (66) are the next best side in Asia followed by the UAE (68) and China (81).

The rankings will matter when the draw of the second stage of 2018 FIFA World Cup is made on April 12.

Each group in the next phase of Asian qualifying will have one of the First two teams, one of the next two and so on. So Qatar could be pitted Against any team except Iraq which, like Qatar, will be a fifth seed.


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