Al Kazim, Doha Ready To Host 2015 AIBA World Boxing Championships

DOHA, July 31, 2015- Mr. Yousof Ali Al Kazim, President of the Qatar Boxing Federation (QBF) said that Doha is ready to host the 2015 AIBA World Boxing Championships in October.
In Interview with Qatar News Agency Al Kasim said that the event will feature the participation of 260 boxers representing some 70 countries.
About the 90-day countdown for the championships, Al Kazim Said” “We have divided our activity plans for all these countdown phases.”
During the 60-day phase of the countdown, we will continue visiting schools around the country. We will specially seek out the expatriate communities in Qatar and tell them about the event. The marketing team of ours also has plans to visit certain government ministries in Doha and make their employees aware of the key event set to take place in Qatar,” the QBF President explained.
When we approach the 30-day phase, we will go with full force and target all the residents in Qatar – whether locals or expatriates – and take our message forward. During this phase we will make sure the message has reached all corners of the country,” Al Kazim said.
The QBF President said the 10-day countdown would be key to the entire promotional campaign.
We know that the 10-countdown will be the most important phase in our promotional campaign. We will be approaching embassies in Doha. That will complete our target audiences for the campaign. We feel by then we would have taken the message to all people that we are ready.
When the championship time comes around, we will be ready with our hotel  accommodation for athletes and officials coming to Qatar. The transport aspect also would have reached full readiness. We are just waiting for the names of the boxers that will eventually qualify for this event,” he said.
More than 260 boxers representing some 70 countries will feature at the October 8-18 event set to take place at the state-of-the-art Ali Bin Hamad Al Attiyah Arena.
The QBF President said that the state of Qatari will be represented by  six boxers including Hozam Nabaa, Abdulatif Mohammad, Mohammad Al Tom, Abdulrahman Al Tom, Uthman Al Rababi and Hakan.
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